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Patent Vacuum Break Valve HX-CP

SME break valves are used as swift shut-off mechanism in siphonic pipelines and installed at top positions. They are very important part of the system in terms of safe use of stopping the water from pooling the diselectrified pumps which is likely to destroy the impellors.

SME vacuum break valve model HX-CP is a breathing type of valve. The valve is mounted on top of a section of containers or pipes, functioning to let in and out the air.

The valve opens by means of sucking the negative pressure plate upwards when the pressure underneath drops to minus 20 millimeter of water. The atmosphere, thereupon, is able to break in and destroy the vacuum state. On the contrary, the valve shuts and is sealed when the positive plate drops down to its place after the pressure goes up to 150 millimeter of water, pushing the positive pressure plate upwards and letting out the extra air of pressure.

Model HX-CP Breathing Valve

[Vacuum Break Valve]

hx-cp breathing valve
Standard Materials Body — WCB, SS304, SS316 and SS316L;
Sealing Materials — PTFE, NBR, EPDM
Working Temperature -30°C ~ 200°C
Working Pressure -20mm ~ 150mm ± 10mm water height
Flange Connection GB78 1.0MPa DN400, Optional according to purchse order
hx-cp breathing valve
01. Body SS316
02. Bonnet SS316
03. Pressure Plate N F4
04. Pressure Plate P F4 + 316, or F4 with PO lined
05. Sealing Face SS316
06. Fire Safe Bellow SS304
200 430 350 335 295 8