Our standard packing and packages

Our Packing and Packages

Our engraving marker

We use fumigation-free packing materials for shipping the complete program of our products. Every piece is protected safe and tight with foam and plastic bags with thread and surface protective covers. We set our standard packing quantity for cartons, boxes as well as pallets. Clear markings in big white-and-black characters are made on front, side and top facades of each pallet carefully foam protected and supported by four solid top-to-bottom cylinders on all corners.

Multiple packing materials and case-by-case quantity packages are provided against scratching and cutting in surfaces from vibration during transport.

· EUR marked pallets
· Plastic bags = protecting whole bodies of products
· Plastic thread covers and web sleeves = protecting outside / male threads
· Grease paper = protecting anti-rust oil on esp. non-plating steel made products
· Foams = protecting esp. non-plating steel made products from high moisture environment like during sea shipment

Clear markings outside pallets contain basic information in our standard supplies as follows.

· Customer’s purchase reference and order number
· Package content relative
· Our item description in English, other sayings in other languages possible on request
· Our item description of products’ size, quantity
· Green-light label in case thus package passes final spot check on request