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Catalog for Patented Products
Literature and endorsement for SME patented siphon and vacuum breaker valves.
Models HX-QP and HX-DP
Breaker valves are used for pipe surge control, pressure release purpose and introduce air separation for prompt water division. Vacuum breaker valve is available with model HX-QP, siphon breaker ones with model HX-DP incorporating SME patented design and exclusive manufacturing.
Instant Air In
Designed to be mounted at critical pipeline high points and allows for rapid inflow of atmospheric air to reduce vacuum conditions in system.
Standby No Fail
SME siphon breaker valve has been patent registered featuring automatic, synronizing and longer standby as designed in file no. ZL200520041922.3.
Vertical Operation
Vertical model ranges from DN100-250. When pump is switch on, the vertical operated valve is closed for sealing under electromagnet force.
Largest Scale So Far
Twelve sets of the most advanced siphon breaker valves of the largest scale so far in the world were launched in a renew project in Uzbekistan.
Small Sized Valves (Brass & Steel)
SME brass ball valves include threaded ball valves by both internal and external threads, made of forging brass alloys featuring various total length, wall thickness, handle options and sealing materials.
SME brass check valves include threaded check valves as with swing check, vertical non-return type, those with filter and strainer, and Y-globe type of check valves, made of forging brass alloys.
SME brass gate valves include that with internal threads, made of forging brass alloys. Nominal pressure of brass gate valve is 1.6MPa at temperature -20~110°C, and ≤0.6MPa for saturated steam.
SME stainless steel vertical lift check valves, also known as non-return valves, are fitted for non-dangerous gas or liquids with pressure limits up to PN16.
Complete foot valve assembly has female NPT threads to connect to a male NPT threaded connection for a tighter seal than straight threads.
Kizil Tepa Pump Station in Uzbekistan, 2020
Eight sets of giant siphon breaker valves won the competition thanks to its most advanced electro-magnetic stability, fully auto and least labour interference necessary.
Automatic valve insulation system, in winter, the temperature drops to minus 10°C. Because of the mist in the pipeline, water will accumulate in the valve and easily freeze to prevent the valve shaft seal from being frozen. This function is added in the northern region. Can be adjusted automatically. The image above was the valves for outdoor use project in Far East Pump Stations globally.
SME Engineering and Productions since 2004
SME (or 晟江机械 as Shengjiang Mechanism and Equipment Co. Ltd in Chinese) is ISO PED certified concerning its system of manufacture and management.
The name came to existance in 2004 when our founder Mr. Li Sunlong set foot at 7338 Humin Road in Shanghai, the location where SME places its goal to be amongst the leadership of industrial fluid connectivity.
SME is dealing with the flexible and hard piping connectors, valves be still part of it. The potential solution to a niche market inspired us which led to the innovation of a patented idea of vacuum breaker solenoid valves.
Innovated by Mr. Li Sunlong, SME presented siphon breaker valve package since 2002. It is a solenoid safety equipment for water conservancy pumping stations. It functions to save the valuable pump from the deadly backflow without any personal attention or specific timely operation as they did before that. It is something crucial to any pump station without doubt.
These valves are being actuacted over the majority of high-end pump stations in China mainland. In 2010, SME wins as the supplier of this solenoid breaker valve for a renovation project in Uzbekistan followed up with more orders from abroard.
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Endorsement and Gratitude
SME valves being in service are welcoming endorsement by a great many engineering institutes and and users.